Posted: August 17, 2017

Over the past 23 years, Jimmy and Amanda Graham have established Ostlers Close as one of Scotland's best restaurants and attribute that success to the integrity of sourcing the finest of local ingredients from Scottish beef and lamb from local farmers to handpicked wild mushrooms, their own homegrown vegetables and herbs.

Dating back to the 17th Century, the newly refurbished restaurant is situated up a small lane in the centre of Cupar. Now diners can enjoy the elegant relaxed dining room where the emphasis is on good food served in modern Scottish style.

Specialities include both meat and seafood. The menus are written on a daily basis so that advantage is taken of the ever changing produce available.

The ethos of the restaurant is to provide top quality Scottish produce and cooking in a relaxed setting.

The Modern Scottish dishes allow the quality of the ingredients to shine through. This enthusiasm for excellence is what makes a visit to Ostlers Close so special.

The elegant modern dining room has a relaxed welcoming atmosphere. Short hand-written menus change frequently, as they are based on local seasonal ingredients. A concise interesting choice ensures that each dish is prepared individually for each customer, allowing for great attention to detail.