Farming Facts

Supporting the local economy

Red meat is worth around £2.3 billion of Scotland’s food and drink industry supporting the employment of around 50,000 people. We produce red meat from Cattle, Sheep, Pigs, Goats and Deer - the three main animals are cattle, sheep and pigs.

Caretakers of the land

Scotland’s livestock farmers are passionate about looking after our iconic countryside and play a vital role in sustaining the Red Meat Industry. Farmers are caretakers of the land, proud to keep improving it sustainably for future generations.

Scottish Livestock Farming Facts to Remember

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    1.73 million Scottish Cattle

    There are 1.73 million cattle in Scotland. About 80% are kept to produce meat (beef cattle), and the rest are kept to produce milk (dairy cattle).

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    Over 200 Breeds of Cattle

    There are over 200 different cattle breeds in the UK. The breed of cattle a farmer has is determined by the type of farm they have.

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    80% Farmland Perfect for Livestock

    82% of Scotland is not suitable for growing crops, vegetables or fruit but much of it is perfect for growing grass and feeding cattle and sheep.

  • Sheep w

    6.59 million Scottish Sheep

    The main reason farmers keep sheep in Scotland is because of their meat, not their wool.

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    Over 90 Breeds of Sheep

    There are more than 90 different breeds and crosses of sheep in the UK.

  • Pig w

    319,000 pigs in Scotland

    There are around 319,000 pigs in Scotland. The most popular pig breeds in Scotland are Large Whites, Landrace, Red Duroc, White Duroc and Hampshire

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