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To make informed decisions, it’s important to be able to understand food labelling. When you pick up an item of food, do you look at all the information a food label contains? What do all the codes and numbers mean? Let’s find out by visiting our virtual shop below and looking around to learn more about what the various logos mean.

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Use by date

Use by date means precisely that – use by! Foods should be eaten up until the use-by date but not after, as they may no longer be safe to eat. They are found on perishable food products such as meat products, soft cheese and ready-prepared salads. Use by dates are different to Best Before dates – they are usually found on foods that last longer like frozen, dried or canned products, so are not relevant to fresh red meat products.

Storing Meat

Guidance on how food should be stored to keep it safe. Meat, by law, must also have a storage temperature on the label i.e. Keep refrigerated between 0 and 5°at the bottom of the fridge. Keep cooked meat or leftovers in the fridge for 2 days, and if meat is in the freezer, ideally use within 3 months, and it’s best to defrost in the fridge.

Traceability of your meat

Country of origin lets you know where your food has come from. In some meat labelling, additional information is required including country of slaughter, country of cutting and country of packing. There will also be a batch number which identifies traceability.

  • Learn more about traceability

    Traceability (the ability to trace the meat from farm to fork) enhances the safety of the produce. Careful monitoring is required throughout the food system, and it all starts on the farm.

  • Learn more about labels

    Find out what the labels on your red meat packaging mean so you can make informed choices

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