InCREDible Scotch Lamb

Scotch Lamb takes its quality and characteristics from a stress-free life grazing on the Scottish hills on quality assured farms.

Scotch Lamb UKGI Logo

Scotch Lamb UK GI

Scotch Meat is not simply a brand. It’s a mark of quality to ensure the meat you buy is traceable, local and quality assured.

Lamb UK GI Mark

UK GI explained

Scotch Beef and Scotch Lamb proudly hold UK GI (Geographical Indication) status. It is a guarantee that a product fully satisfies strict guidelines which demand a proven link between the traditions and environment of a country of origin and a product which is of the highest quality.

Scotch Lamb UKGI Logo

Quality Assurance


When you see the UK GI badge with Scotch Lamb logo, you can be confident that all lamb were born, reared and processed in Scotland and hold whole life quality assurance. The inCREDible people in our supply chain are the linchpin when it comes to always producing traceable, local and quality assured lamb.

Scotch Lamb

What does quality assured mean?

  • Uk gi logo

    UK GI Certified

    You’re purchasing an approved product guaranteed to be Scotch.

  • Sheep

    Respectfully Reared

    The animal has had independent welfare checks carried out on farm.

  • Independently audited

    Independently Audited

    The animal has been reared to a strict set of standards covering animal welfare, food safety and best practice.

Whole Life Quality Assurance

Our assurance scheme is the longest established scheme of its kind in the world. To carry the Scotch Lamb brand and UK GI mark, livestock must have been born, reared and slaughtered in Scotland and spent their entire life on Quality Meat Scotland Assured holdings. For further information on our standards and assurance schemes, please visit,

  • Sheep cycle

    Whole of life care

    This whole of life brand eligibility is delivered by a suite of assurance schemes which cover the full supply chain: Sheep Feeds, Haulage, Auction Market and Processor.

  • Butchers

    Whole chain assurance

    Whole chain assurance underpins the integrity of these premium brands and provides reassurance to consumers of provenance, highest standards of production, and animal welfare and wellbeing, to deliver a quality eating experience.

  • Butchers 2

    Full Traceability

    Traceability of product is key and checker systems are available to farmers, auction markets and abattoirs for determining the brand eligibility of scotch assured livestock.

InCREDible Lamb Recipes to try


Scotland's climate offers one of the most sustainable places in the world to produce consistent quality meat.


Where to Buy

Find out where to source authentic Scotch Beef, Scotch Lamb and Specially Selected Pork in retail and restaurants.


What makes Scotch InCREDible?

Let us take you on a journey into what makes Scotch Beef, Scotch Lamb and Specially Selected Pork so special, and how we produce such inCREDibly high-quality meat renowned and enjoyed worldwide.