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Find out more about what the Scotch Difference is, how to cook with Scotch Beef, and what the benefits of eating red meat are below.

The Scotch Difference

Scotch by name, Scotch by nature

  • Uk gi logo

    UK GI Certified

    Scotch Beef and Lamb hold the coveted UK GI status legally protecting the brand from imitation.

  • Perfect climate

    Perfect Climate

    An abundant supply of rain in Scotland creates lush grasslands without the need for irrigation.

  • Perfect landscape

    Perfect Landscape

    Over 80% of our land is grass or rough grazing, not suitable for crops but ideal for livestock.

  • Respectfully reared

    Respectfully Reared

    Independent welfare checks are carried out on farms from the Scottish SPCA.

  • Independently audited

    Independently Audited

    To a strict set of standards covering animal welfare, food safety and best practice.

  • Nature cycle

    Part of a Natural Cycle

    Grass grazed by livestock absorbs carbon from the atmosphere and captures it in the soil.

A balanced diet with Scotch Beef

Different food groups work best when consumed together in moderation as part of a balanced plate approach. By combining Scotch Beef with other healthy options, you can put red meat right at the heart of a healthy diet.

Meat in the Middle

All about balance

With all the protein, minerals and vitamins being delivered naturally, Scotch Beef plays an important role in a healthy, balanced diet. Scotch red meat goes very well with other protein sources such as beans, lentils and pulses – which all help the meal go further – choose a healthy accompaniment like brown rice, wholewheat pasta or veggie noodles, and then you can improve your fibre and vegetable intake too. It’s all about getting the combinations right to ensure you can enjoy your red meat, and maintain a healthy, nutritious diet.

More about healthy red meat

Eat Healthy - Live Healthy

Benefits of Scotch Meat

  • Bones

    Protein helps the maintenance of normal bones and growth in muscle mass.

  • Muscle

    Potassium contributes to normal muscle and nerve function and helps support normal blood pressure.

  • Heart

    Red meat is low in salt (sodium). Reducing consumption of sodium supports normal blood pressure.

  • Stomach

    Our bodies absorb iron and zinc from meat more readily than they can from plants.

  • B vitamin

    B vitamins can help with energy production in the body. They also help with the normal function of the immune system

  • Education in Action

    Learn more about each area of the meat industry and where our food comes from. 

    Education in Action
  • Make it Sustainable

    Find out more about how locally sourced Scotch is sustainable. 

    Sustainability in Action
  • Make it Healthy

    About how red meat can contribute towards good health and wellbeing. 

    Make it Healthy

What's The Scotch Difference?

Let us take you on a journey into what makes Scotch Beef, Scotch Lamb and Specially Selected Pork so special, and how we produce such high-quality meat renowned and enjoyed worldwide.