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Looking for a bit of inspiration on what to pair with your favourite meat? From simple classics to weird and wonderful combinations one of these combinations could end up being your new favourite!

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Lamb & Anchovies

Lamb and anchovies. Believe it or not this is a combination not to be missed. The anchovy doesn't come across as fishy tasting - it simply lends a savoury note that blends beautifully with the meat.


Beef & Red Wine

Red wine and steak have always been the perfect match. Question is, which one to choose? We'd recommend a Cabernet if you've got a crowd to please, or a Shiraz if you're looking for more body.


Lamb & Dark Chocolate

Ever thought about swapping your mint for dark chocolate? Studies show it's one of the best seasonings for your lamb roast to compliment it's flavours.


Beef & Sauce Diane

The all time favourite Sauce Diane. This creamy classic may be a bit retro, but you can't beat it drizzled over a juicy steak. We're drooling at the thought of it...


Lamb & Whisky

Did you know whisky is actually considered a better accompaniment to lamb than red wine? It's aroma contains cocoa and almond notes – two flavours that compliment the taste of lamb.


Pork & Apple

There is something special about the sweet taste of apples and the full flavor of pork that work so well together in a dish. Give it a go today!


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